perpetual unsatisfaction

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“If it were so, as conceited sagacity, proud of not being deceived, thinks, that we should believe nothing that we cannot see with our physical eyes, then we first and foremost ought to give up believing in love. If we were to do so and do it out of fear lest we be deceived, would we not then be deceived? We can, of course, be deceived in many ways. We can be deceived by believing what is untrue, but we certainly are also deceived by not believing what is true. We can be deceived by appearances, but we certainly are also deceived by the sagacious appearance, by the flattering conceit that considers itself absolutely secure against being deceived. Which deception is more dangerous? Whose recovery is more doubtful, that of the one who does not see, or that of the person who sees and yet does not see? What is more difficult—to awaken someone who is sleeping or to awaken someone who, awake, is dreaming that he is awake? Which is sadder, the sight that promptly and unconditionally moves one to tears, the sight of someone unhappily deceived in love, or the sight that in a certain sense could tempt laughter, the sight of the self-deceived, whose fatuous conceit of not being deceived is indeed ridiculous and laughable if the ridiculousness of it were not an even stronger expression for horror, since it shows that he is not worthy of tears.
   To defraud oneself of love is the most terrible, is an eternal loss, for which there is no compensation either in time or in eternity.”

Søren Kierkegaard, Works of Love (via wellareyou)

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“I’ll forget to feed the fish, and I’ll probably forget to reply to your text. I might burn dinner sometimes, if I remember to make it at all. I have a bad habit of leaving my clothes wherever I take them off, and if I get around to doing laundry it’s a miracle. I’ll fall asleep mid sentence and you’ll have to remind me the next morning. I’ll forget what you said right after you say it, and I’ll never stop complaining about dresses. But I’ll never forget that you like only cream in your coffee and only sugar in your tea. I’ll remember your favorite spot on the couch, and your favorite pillow in bed. I’ll send your favorite shirt to the dry cleaner so I don’t screw it up, even if the directions are on the tag. If I know one thing, that one thing will be you.”

Bad habits, good habits (via be0k)

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I heard that you were leaving.
Miles and and miles away.
I thought that I could cope with it
I thought that you being far away will help me move on.
The only thing that it showed me was how much I miss you even though you will eventually forget every aspect of me.

It’s 3AM.
My eyes are swollen.

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